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I offer a unique approach that combines nutrition with other aspects of your lifestyle, such as physical activity, stress management and mindset, all based on scientific evidence

Tailored for you

Tailored to your goals, preferences and lifestyle. We will talk about the issues that concern you: Hormonal fluctuations, food and nutrients, etc.


It revolves around your body, mind and emotions, thus, we will explore your nutrition, physical activity and mindset

As equals

This implies that it requires a great deal of responsibility on your part

Passion & science

I offer you my passion, conviction and experience, as well as the training and scientific background required to be a leader in the field

With delight

Based on the assumption that you want to make changes without giving up pleasure

Without prohibitions

Based on the “Positive Nutrition” method, i.e., eating to feel good instead of counting calories

Let me tell you more about the programs, talks and workshops I offer to help you experience menopause and beyond with joy and energy, minimize the risk of illness and improve your quality of life

12-week individual counselling program designed for women around menopause and tailored to your goals, preferences and way of life. We will address several fundamental aspects of your wellbeing and I will provide you with the tools you need to achieve lasting changes and enjoy this natural stage in your life.

During the individual sessions we will discuss:

  • Eating habits and your relationship with food, using the concept of “Positive Nutrition”
  • Stress management, self-care and the relationship between hormones and emotional well-being
  • How to incorporate more exercise and physical activity into your day
  • The influence of certain cosmetics, foods and environmental hormones

Additionally, the program includes:

  • Weekly phone check-ins
  • WhatsApp/Email support throughout the program
  • Personalized list of beneficial and counterproductive foods
  • Recipes for your main meals, snacks and sweets
  • Written summary of each consultation and action plan with steps to follow until our next meeting
  • Option to extend the support by WhatsApp/Email after the end of your program

The structure is as follows:

  • Initial 90 minute session
  • Four 30-minute sessions every two weeks
  • Final 60-minute session
  • Weekly 10- to 15-minute phone check-ins

By the end of the program you will have developed strategies for managing the different stages of menopause in the long term and will have significantly improved your physical and emotional well-being.

The number of spots available for this individual and personalized program is limited. This is the only way I can guarantee the fast and effective support that the program requires so that you can enjoy this wonderful stage in every woman’s life. Contact me!

If you would like to benefit from the exchange of experiences with women who are going through the same stage and/or achieve your goals with a lower investment than that required for an individual program, sign up for a group consultancy. In small groups we will discuss new perspectives to solve similar issues, mutual support, motivation, next steps and much more.

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Learn about the fundamental aspects of the different phases of menopause or go deeper into a specific topic. These talks will ensure you experience this natural stage in every woman’s life with comfort and energy. Exemplary topics include:

  • Hormone supplementation, yes or no?
  • Diet and menopause
  • The keys to a happy menopause
  • Menopause and dementia
  • Hormones and lifestyle
  • Perimenopause and lifestyle
  • 40+ and awake at 3 am. What do I do?
  • What helps me regulate my body temperature?
  • The importance of stress management

I would be happy to offer you a talk on any other menopause-related topic.

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Workshops designed for women who are transitioning to menopause or who are already post-menopausal, focusing on different aspects of this natural phase in every woman’s life. In small groups within a safe environment you will learn new tools around nutrition and other aspects of your lifestyle to regain your energy and well-being. Additionally, you will benefit from the exchange with other women who have similar questions to yours.

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The workshop with Vivian really helped me better understand certain processes. I took away a lot of useful information, as well as practical ideas to implement immediately. It was also good to see that I am not alone in this.

Fernanda S., Berlin, Germany

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