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I offer a unique approach that combines nutrition with other aspects of your lifestyle, such as physical activity, stress management and mindset, all based on scientific evidence

Tailored for you

Adapted to your goals and your personal and professional life. Customized solutions for you or your company.


Measures to align your body, mind, and emotions, with a focus on nutrition, physical activity, and stress management.

As equals

Self-determination, respect, and trust in collaboration. We are all experts in our own lives.

Passion & facts

Influenced by my passion for the subject, as well as expertise, qualifications, and lifelong learning.

With delight

Adjustments without sacrificing enjoyment or quality of life. Emphasizing the sunny side of menopause.

Without prohibitions

Based on the “Positive Nutrition” method, i.e., eating to feel good instead of counting calories.

Let me tell you more about the counseling programs, presentations, workshops and cooking courses I offer to help you experience menopause and beyond with joy and energy, minimize the risk of illness and improve your quality of life

Individual counseling specially developed for women around menopause and personalized according to your goals, preferences and lifestyle. We will address several fundamental aspects for your wellbeing, with special emphasis on your nutrition, without neglecting the importance of movement, stress management, cosmetics, etc.

You have the option to identify possible hormonal imbalances more accurately through saliva tests performed by the CENSA Center for Saliva Analysis.

I am here to accompany you in this process, helping you achieve the wellbeing you rightfully deserve.

Contact me and we will arrange a free initial appointment.

If you want to benefit from the exchange of experiences with women who are going through the same stage and/or achieve your goals with lower investment than that required for an individual counseling program, sign up for group counseling. This is a program designed especially for women around menopause. In a small group of friends, colleagues or individuals, you will receive all the information you need about possible changes around menopause, new perspectives to clarify doubts and discomfort, mutual support within the group and motivation. 

Based on the information I offer you in each meeting and the exercises we will do, you will take home a strategy with the next steps to follow, adapted to your family and work situation. We will address several fundamental aspects for your wellbeing and I will provide you with the tools you need to achieve lasting changes and enjoy this natural stage in your life

Possible topics include:

  • Eating habits and your relationship with food, using the concept of “Positive Nutrition”
  • Stress management, self-care and the relationship between hormones and emotional well being
  • How to incorporate more exercise and movement into your day
  • The influence of some cosmetics, agricultural products and other environmental hormones

Contact me and I will put you on the waiting list for the next group or we will coordinate a program for your group!

Presentations and workshops designed to illuminate and transform the experience of women in this crucial stage of life. You can learn the basics of the different phases of menopause, unexpected connections with various aspects of your lifestyle such as stress, nutrition, exercise, etc., or we can delve into a specific topic, for example:


  • Menopause in the Workplace: Successful Strategies for a ‘Menopause-friendly’ Environment
    • Specific challenges within the work environment and how to address them
    • Proven strategies to empower, support, and retain women in companies and organizations during this transitional stage
    • Fostering an environment of understanding and support


  • Holistic Well-being During Menopause: Body, Mind, and Work
    • Strategies to promote physical and emotional health in the workplace
    • The importance of nutrition, movement, and stress management
    • Practical tools to optimize well-being and enhance productivity
    • Inspiring women to embrace this stage with confidence and knowledge


  • Positive Nutrition: Nutrition for Well-being in Menopause and Beyond
    • What does ‘Positive Nutrition’ mean for a healthy relationship with food and why prohibitions should be avoided
    • Practical tips for balanced nutrition that supports hormonal balance


  • Hormones in Balance: Navigating Menopause with Knowledge
    • The role of hormones and how they affect physical and emotional health during menopause and beyond
    • Advice on nutrition, movement, stress management, cosmetics, etc., to balance hormones naturally


Let’s talk, so that we can customize the topic to meet the specific needs of your audience!

Healthy and balanced cooking courses in a fun environment. Recipes for colorful and healthy nutrition. For companies, friends or individuals who want to cook in a relaxed environment and receive useful ideas for everyday life or for special occasions. While cooking or while tasting the delicious food, I will be happy to answer your questions about food and menopause.

The workshop with Vivian really helped me better understand certain processes. I took away a lot of useful information, as well as practical ideas to implement immediately. It was also good to see that I am not alone in this.

Fernanda S., Berlin, Germany

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